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About Me
Alan E Klugman

Transition Life Coach

Raised in a family where GIVING BACK was always stressed as a way of life and a core value, I grew up knowing that my calling was a professional life in the non-profit world.  It was not only a way to make a living, it was my way to live life.  That commitment eventually took me from job to job, leading to relocations throughout the United States.  IT WASN’T EASY.  I learned through my own personal experience what it meant to be in a constant state of transition – new job requirements, new friends, new home, and lots of ongoing changes for my wife and children that they had not signed up for.  Was the increase in salary worth uprooting my family once again?  Was I really changing the world and was that more important than the money I could be possibly earning in the for-profit world?  What am I going to do with those challenging volunteers?  It often seemed like each new day brought a new crisis, taking me farther and farther away from strategic long-term planning.  Does any of this sound familiar?   If it does, I can help you because I’ve been there.

My decisions were not always the right ones, but over time I learned how to identify and overcome barriers and today I’ve made a commitment as a Transition Life Coach to share that experience with other CHANGE THE WORLD WANABEES to make their transitions easier and more productive.

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